NAPA Gold Certified 2019 - Gunter Automotive

Why Gold Certified?

Since 1984, it’s been NAPA AutoCare’s mission to partner with independent autocare shop owners to help them 100% satusfy the needs of their customers. In fact, over the past four decades, meeting the changing expectations is the recipe for mutual success that has grown the AutoCare program to be the largest and most valuable partnership program in the world.

Gunter Automotive is proud to announce as of January 2019, we are now part of the Gold Certified program. Directing our focus through the years to ensure consistency and satisfaction.

The NAPA AutoCare Council has created a new “premier-tier” within our program called NAPA Gold Certified. This certification is intended to provide a consistent consumer experience, maximize technology leverage and reward our most committed partners. Simply put, being Gold Certified in the NAPA AutoCare program,is what separates Gunter Automotive from the rest.

The Gold Certified program allows us to sell you branded parts with a satisfaction warranty like no other extending it to 3 years or 36,000 miles on most parts. Being Gold Certified also ensures our customer base that our employees are ASE Certified.